There are specific maintenance duties all landlords should perform on a routine basis. These preventative suggestions can help you catch small issues before they turn into large expenses. Here are some property maintenance tasks that should become habits.

Exterminate Monthly

If you own rental properties, you need to exterminate every month or at least every other month. Even if there are no signs of an infestation currently, you will want to prevent such problems from ever happening. Do not restrict extermination to one residence either, as critters can easily migrate to another part of your property. The extermination should be done on your whole property.

Check for Leaks and Water Damage

The best time to inspect for leaks is after a substantial rainstorm or once ice and snow have begun to melt and on very humid, hot days when pipes tend to sweat. Check for soft spots on your roofs, walls and ceilings. Look for signs of water around showers, windows and toilets. Check under sinks, water heaters and boilers.

It is essential to recognize water leaks early. Ongoing leaks can ultimately damage ceilings, walls and a tenant’s belongings. Hazardous mould can also form, which can be a considerable expense to manage.

Check Shower Caulking and Grout Between Tiles

Over time, the grout between tiles can split and the caulking enclosing a tub can loosen. When this occurs, you no longer have a waterproof seal, causing water to leak through and damage the surrounding walls and floor. As soon as you notice any holes or cracks, you should restore the grout or caulk to stop possible water damage.

Test All Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Regularly

Check these devices monthly to ensure they are working well. Both hard-wired devices and battery-operated types should be tested. Set a calendar to test them when you collect rent or at another convenient time. After all, these devices save lives.

Change Forced Air System Filters

You should replace the filters in your heating and air conditioning units at least twice a year. Consult the manufacturer of your heating and cooling systems to figure out the highest performance filter for your system. Dirty filters can increase your utility bill. It can cause the system to work harder or lead to malfunctioning, such as causing the cooling system to freeze-up.

Flush Your Water Heater

Once or twice a year, drain your water heaters. Do this to remove the residue that can build up in your unit from the municipal water supply. If too much debris builds up, it can decrease the effectiveness of your water heater or clog the drain valve. Replacing a water heater is an expensive measure you may not want to take. Be careful and follow the procedure for draining your water heater. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional.

Clean the Gutters

Examine the gutters at your rental properties routinely. They can easily get clogged with leaves and other debris. Closed gutters can cause leaks on your property. Water that is trapped can find its way into your property through the siding, roof, around windows and through its foundation.

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