It’s not a simple, straightforward task deciding where you want to reside for the duration of your life. Where you rest your head at night and wake up in the morning can have a significant impact on your life and overall happiness. More people are choosing to rent an apartment than to buy a home nowadays and there’s a long list of reasons why.

Want a “have it done for you” lifestyle? Here’s a guide to the top four advantages to apartment living:

1) Maintenance Issues Resolved Quickly

Most apartments are owned by a property manager who then rents it out to tenants. The property manager is often responsible for maintenance expenses and any issues that occur. Whether it’s a clogged sink, a door that won’t lock or other pertinent problems, the property manager usually has contact with responsible contractors to resolve said issues. In fact, many apartments or condos have a 24/7 maintenance hotline available to accommodate your needs. You also don’t have to fret when it comes to harsh weather conditions; as snow is always shovelled, leaves are cleaned up and the complex is kept clean.

2) Amenities Galore

Although some homes may offer more living space, they may not have the same amenities as apartment complexes. There are many apartments that come equipped with several amenities to allow tenants to live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. Some of the amenities can include:

  • Recreational (ex: spa, pool and hot tub, gym, party room, etc.)
  • Unit Features (ex: AC, balcony/patio, wood floors)
  • Kitchen Features (ex: high-end kitchen appliances)
  • Transportation (ex: covered parking/parking garages, bike storage)
  • Technology (ex: smart tech controls, wi-fi, cable, etc.)
  • Additional (ex: doorman, security cameras/guards)

3) Cost-Effective

Renting a unit in an apartment is often more inexpensive than paying a mortgage. The monthly payments for the apartment unit are far lower and include the amenities, upkeep and living space. You are only paying rent for the unit, not the entire complex! That eliminates the down payment, inspection, insurance and appraisal costs associated with owning a home.

4) Ultimate Accessibility

Apartments emphasize the feeling of community by having close access to neighbours as well as shopping centres, community centres, and other parks and populated areas. Living in close proximity to others can build friendships, promote a feeling of safety, and encourage tenants to explore the neighbourhood around them. Apartments are almost always located in an area that’s bustling with activity and access to entertainment, emergency resources, schools and multiple job locations.

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