You’re looking to rent your first house, excited to be taking this important step in your life, but you have no idea where to start. You may be asking yourself “where do I look first, do I need a real estate agent, how do you even rent a home?” You may be feeling overwhelmed but fear not! Here are some questions to keep in mind when you’re looking for a rental home.

Terms of the Lease

As you’re in the process of renting a house, never be afraid to ask questions about the leasing terms. It’s important that you have all the information before applying for the home, as it’s your money paying the rent. There should be no gaps in communication between you and the landlord. You have the right to ask for documentation regarding the title of the properly or maintenance receipts, as they may affect your living situation if anything were to happen. What’s the landlord’s late rent policy? How much of the security deposit do you get back? How frequently will the rent be raised? Are pets allowed? Never be afraid to ask questions.

What’s Included?

Always ask questions regarding what’s included in your rental agreements, ideally before you sign anything. Is your landlord going to charge you for cable, electricity and gas? Is it already covered in your rent? If not, then how much are they charging on top of the established rental amount? This is where you can get hit with monthly fees much higher than what you expected. You will save a lot of money by asking beforehand.

Customization Limits

Are you allowed to paint or drill into the walls? These simple requests can make or break whether or not this rental house will feel like home for the duration of your lease. If your landlord is hesitant about altering the appearance of the property, try reassuring them that you’ll patch any hole and repaint once your lease is up.

Who’s Responsible for Maintenance?

Find out who is responsible for maintenance and dealing with repairs when necessary. Usually, the landlord is required to fix any issues regarding their property but go over that before signing a lease. This will ensure the if a leak happens or the electrical box fails, your landlord is responsible for repairing it, not you.

Your Safety is Number One

What safety measure has the landlord established for their tenants? If there aren’t any security cameras or other safety precautions implemented, then research the neighbourhood’s safety reputation. Determine whether or not you feel safe living in the area before signing anything. Make sure to research your landlord as well. Look for any reviews on properties they’ve rented out previously, or ask the neighbours for some information regarding what kind of person the landlord is.

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