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PROGRESSIVE REAL ESTATE helps people find great rentals in Winnipeg. We pride ourselves on providing you the best experience possible at an affordable price. Take a look at our rental homes or apartments with modern layouts, upgrades, and energy efficiency built in.
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Houses for Rent in Winnipeg
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Checklist of Items to Set Up Your First Apartment

Congratulations! There are few joys greater than renting your first apartment. A new apartment defines a new chapter in your life. It brings pride, excitement, and also new challenges. Moving in with a partner, roommate or new spouse requires further...

4 Do’s and Don’ts of moving in your first apartment

A hundred jolts of excitement run through your body when you think of moving into your first apartment. The transformation is a big step towards self-dependence and entails numerous chores. Making a move and setting up your new place can get overwhelming...

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