There is nothing like home sweet home! So it’s both necessary and fulfilling to spend time finding a house where you can imagine spending the rest of your beautiful life. That being said, there is no “perfect” home. Buying a home entails weighing the positives and negatives to make informed decisions. There will always be something about each house that will be less than ideal.

The priorities of homebuyers range from preferred neighbourhoods to components of the house itself. Following adequate research, every homebuyer must be able to find a home that fits a majority of their requirements, within their budget.

To kick-start the process of home buying, it’s useful to make a list of all features you desire in a home; such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, fenced yard, and granite kitchen counters. Make it a point to put these requirements in priority order. Finding a house with all desired amenities, situated in a preferred neighbourhood near your work, may be hard to find. This is why prioritizing your requirements can assist you when it comes time to compromise one aspect over another.

If location is the most crucial factor to you while searching for a house, however, the homes are priced over your budget, consider downsizing. Look for single family homes, condominiums, and townhouses within the preferred community of your choice. Alternatively, you may consult a financial planner and lender to increase your budget. You should not overspend on your house, however, adding $10,000 to your price range may not make as big of a difference while paying your monthly loan installments.

Lowering your expectations about the state of the home can increase your options drastically. We all would love to have a perfect house the day we move-in; however, houses that need repairs are sold for cheaper. Get a home inspection done to evaluate the number and cost of repairs needed. Renovations such as replacing appliances and painting are reasonable repairs, compared to fixing walls and adding an entire bathroom.

If you only want a home that you have envisioned, accompanied by a garden and backyard for your children, then your compromise will be location related. If you’re ready to add time to your commute or consider another community, then you may find a house that suits all your needs.

Prior examination of the house must also consist of health and safety assessments. Ground Fault Connector Interrupt (GFCI) outlets must be intact to protect yourself from electrical hazards. Concerns, such as bed bugs and black mold should also be thoroughly looked into because they are toxic and difficult to combat.

Buying a house entails numerous financial calculations, decision-making and compromises. An experienced realtor is aware of the market and house prices, and thus, can guide you to make informed choices.

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