Congratulations! There are few joys greater than renting your first apartment. A new apartment defines a new chapter in your life. It brings pride, excitement, and also new challenges. Moving in with a partner, roommate or new spouse requires further planning. Turn your apartment into a home with this checklist of items that you need as soon as you move in.

To start with, list the rooms in your new apartment and a budget to work with. You will need items for your living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Note the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Does your living room have a separate dining area? How big is the balcony, if you have one? Is there a laundry area or do you have shared facilities for laundry in the basement of your apartment?

  • Bedroom: Second-hand furniture often offers good value. You may want to consider second-hand items for certain necessities such as the bed if your budget is limited. You will be spending a third of your life in the bed so make sure you invest in a sturdy one. But if possible, try to buy a new mattress. You never know what condition a second-hand mattress will come in. You will also need two new bedding sets – one extra to replace the other when it goes for a wash. Your first apartment may not have enough storage. Look for a box bed that offers drawers or extra space to store items. Remember to buy blinds, clothing hangers and a desk and chair to work from home, if you do. You can need the vanity for later.
  • Dining Area: An apartment usually does not have extra space for an enclosed dining room. Your dining area may be part of your living room or kitchen. To begin with, a small table with two or four chairs should suffice in the beginning. But you do need a cabinet to store plates, glasses and cutlery. You will need blinds or drapes for your living room too.
  • Kitchen: While rented apartments come equipped with essential appliances, your new apartment will not. You need to invest in a fridge, stove-topped oven, a microwave, basic utensils, spatulas, peeler, bottle opener, cutting board and chopping knives, colander, pots, pans, food processor, electric kettle, cups, plates, glasses, bowls, cutlery, and a toaster. Other kitchen items can be bought over the months as your budget extends. For your apartment warming party, buy disposable serving ware and glasses.
  • Cleaning Ware: Don’t forget to get cleaning liquids, mop, bucket, rags, hand towels, dusters, vacuum cleaner, dustpan, kitchen tissues, soaps, and ironing board with iron. You will need garbage bins in every room.
  • Living Room: Get a simple sofa that can double up as a bed for guests or a futon with cushions, TV, lamp, a bookcase and DVD player. You may not need an expensive seven seater set at this stage. Your dining chairs can be used for guests until your budget permits other items. You may want to look for small side tables instead of a large coffee table for now. Most new apartments do not come with adequate lighting. Get a few lamps instead of overhead lights to create a cozy warmth. Look for attractive rugs that you can place here and there instead of a big, costly carpet.

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