Additional Rules and Regulations

The following rules and conditions apply to the rental property.

  1. A maximum of two pets are permitted in the Rental Agreement apart from dogs, provided a pet deposit is paid to the Property Manager as outlined in clause 5 of the Rental Agreement.  No dogs are permitted on the premises.
  2. Growing of marijuana plant(s) is prohibited in or on the premises including any balconies or storage areas.  The growing of marijuana plant(s) in or on the premises shall constitute a breach of tenancy and an immediate the termination of the Rental Agreement.  The Property Manager has the right to take immediate possession thereof and to exclude the Resident there from; removing all Resident’s property contained therein and placing it into storage at Resident’s expense.  Any damage caused by the growing of marijuana plants will be remedied at the Resident’s expense.
  3. This is a non-smoking building.  The smoking of tobacco or cannabis is strictly prohibited within the rental unit.  Smoking is only permitted on the unit’s exterior, exclusive use areas (i.e. patios, balconies), if applicable.
  4. No locks may be changed or added on any door without WRITTEN permission from the Property Manager.  Property Manager is to be provided duplicate keys for all locks so installed at Resident’s expense within twenty-four (24) hours of installation of said locks.
  5. The Tenant is responsible for keeping the Rental Unit in a good state of repair. Any damage caused by the Tenant or his guests is to be repaired in a professional manner, at the Tenant’s cost. If there is any concern, the Tenant should contact the Landlord for advice and direction on how the repairs should be handled.
  6. The Landlord uses its best efforts to keep the property free from bugs and rodents. If the Tenant notices any bugs or rodents, he must notify the Landlord. The Tenant will be responsible for remedying the bug or rodent problem.
  7. The Tenant may only park in his assigned parking stall, if applicable. The Tenant may only park a passenger vehicle in the assigned parking stall and agrees not to park or store a motor home, recreational vehicle, or trailer of any type on the premises without written permission from the Landlord.