Good neighbours form a support network that caters to the harmony and well-being of people living in the same building. Establishing good relationships with your neighbours give you the liberty to welcome them in to celebrate joyous occasions and count on them in times of emergency. Running into a neighbour that is cheerful and cooperative is always a pleasurable experience, while encountering a neighbour who causes inconvenience through their actions is extremely uncomfortable.

The majority of people prefer living around positive residents who foster positive attitudes towards each other. However, before assessing if your neighbours are good or bad, make sure that you are following all necessary etiquettes of being an accommodating neighbour yourself. We have listed a few tips a good neighbour should follow.

Say no to Stink

One of the widely reported smells centres on cigarette smoke. People who indulge in smoking on a regular basis become immune to the distinct odours cigarette smoke contains. The smell, nauseating to some people, can get trapped in the commonly used hallways and possibly even make their way to other people’s apartments. In order to refrain from the title of a notorious smoker, smoke outside in open areas.

Keep it down

When you are sharing closed spaces with other residents, it is important to be considerate and keep the volume levels of your music and general noises low. People can sometimes be oblivious to the hearing sensitivity, working hours, and other duties of your neighbours that require peace. It is important to inquire about the thinness of your home walls, floors, ceilings, and adjust your volume levels accordingly.

Other noises you should keep in check include:

  • Walking around in heels
  • Talking loudly in the hallways, near the walls, and windows
  • Letting children cause a ruckus
  • Making noisy appliances, such as vacuum cleaner and washers at odd hours
  • Having loud intimate time
  • Nailing into the walls frequently

Sharing is Caring

Buildings usually include common areas that are built for the use of all residents. These spaces include lobbies, party rooms, fitness center, and courtyards. It is important to be respectful while using these areas and leave them clean for other residents. Restrict the number of people you invite at once to fitness areas and keep your children and pets in check to avoid any damages.

Illicit activities

This is a huge no! Everyone likes to live in a safe environment. Refrain from illicit activities such as consuming and encouraging the prevalence of drugs. Many residents have children and pets that are highly vulnerable to chemicals released in drugs.

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