Renting an apartment anytime, anywhere is quite a task. You need thorough knowledge of the neighbourhood, be on top of real estate rates, negotiating skills, and more. With all that stress weighing you down, it is easy to forget to ask a few basic questions that may make your decision easier. Here are some questions you should ask your realtor before you pin down an apartment in Winnipeg.

1. Monthly Utilities: You need to be aware of what your rental covers each month. Most apartments come with a management fee that includes hydro and electricity. Make sure you know what other utilities and features your cost covers. Suites usually do not include a washing machine. There may be a common area in the basement for laundry services. Find out if the cost of using laundry is inclusive in your fee. Does it include a gym or indoor pool? Make sure you know.

2. Renovation Permit: Most apartment rentals do not allow home renovations, however minor they may be. Check fixtures, fittings, cabinets, and plumbing before you move in. If you don’t have enough storage, the apartment may not work for you. But you certainly
may not be allowed to knock down walls to make more space or create more storage. If you go against the rules, you may not get your security deposit back.

3. Pet Permit: Many apartments do not allow pets. Make sure you check with the management before you bring yours in. You can’t afford to sign a lease only to find out later that your pet is not welcome.

4. Penalty for Breaking Lease: Before you move in, find out if you are allowed to move out before the contract expires. If the apartment doesn’t work for you and you need to move ahead of time or in an emergency, you need to be aware of the penalties to pay to the landlord or you might be spending more on lawyers.

5. Apartment Parking Lot: Most apartments in Winnipeg come with parking lots but they are certainly not free nor cheap. Spots can cost you up to $150 a month. Add it in when you are calculating your monthly rental.

6. Check the Rental Trends: This is a good time to rent an apartment in Winnipeg going by recent forecasts. The costs are going down. Here is what the latest reports, taken in April 2018, say:

○ The average rent for an apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba is $993.
○ This was a good 6.86% decrease from 2017 when it was $1,061 then.
○ One bedroom apartments cost $947 per month, registering a decrease of 4.54% from 2017.
○ Two bedroom apartment rents are $1,136 on average, which is 17.78% decrease from 2017.
○ Apartment rents for the prior six months have dropped by $99.
○ Rental for one bedroom units has dropped by $39.
○ Rental for two bedroom units has dropped by $245.

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